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After Years of Detailed Predation…


… This poet has remaining enough mental focus and energy of heart to meet the demands of survival, and to conduct what tiny public business she is allowed with a minimum of dignity and grace.

None, however, with which, as well, to offer work.

Better that she go offline than to drive through another red light, as she, in her condition of abysmal grief, despair and exhaustion, yesterday did.

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That’s What We Were Waiting For

(Why is this poet’s stalker/targeter and nationwide predator still on the street?

How long can she be expected to live in a cage with people sent every day to poke sticks into it?

Afraid even to make a friend ~ or see their house set on fire, their car’s onboard computer fail, their yard become filled with the filthiest of litter?

Where are we, anyway?

Not the place this poet was taught about in school.

You know, where industry in behalf of the whole, honesty, integrity, self sacrifice and exceptional talent were treasured, celebrated and rewarded?

Where a woman who chose to remain poor but honest was respected for it?

Of course, in that place we helped little old ladies across the street.

Now, we watch them driven crazy just for fun.)


That’s What We Were Waiting For

… Him to drive you crazy
So we can put you away,
You damn inconvenience.

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Is it Illegal Among Us Yet to Cry in Public?


Is it Illegal Among Us Yet to Cry in Public?

… Because after a whole night of poison fumes, stomach cramps from poisoned food, repeated hatred-awakenings, and a morning of judiciously timed “birdcall” repetitions both at her overnight stop and those following it, this poet was unable to stop herself from doing that today.

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Walk as Though Your Feet are Kissing the Earth

“Walk as though your feet are kissing the earth.” – Thich Naht Hanh


Recorded Reading (1:16):


Walk as Though Your Feet are Kissing the Earth

Walk as though
Your feet
Are kissing the earth

Lift your eyes as if you are
Lost in wonder
At living on this beautiful world

Handle every possession
As though you may
Never see it again

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A Couple of Yo-Yo’s 🤣

(A “Call and Response” in which fellow humorous WordPress writer Robbie Yates makes the bad mistake of giving this poet an excuse to get silly)


Recorded Reading:


A Couple of Yo-Yo’s

CALL by Robbie Yates:

Yoyos made a comeback
I thought that you would know!
Some people love to flick them
Up high and then down low.
They spin and twist and twirl them
They roll them on the floor,

(Can you finish this poem?)

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Now it Will Rain Here for a Week


Now it Will Rain Here for a Week

There will be little sunshine for the solar panel which powers this poet’s only online device ~ a smart phone on which she does all of her work with one thumb.

Already spending ten percent of her monthly income on gasoline ~ and another twenty percent to keep her vehicle insured in her state of residence ~ along with a further five to maintain this online connection, since government poverty phone programs feature obsolete device technologies as well as tower speeds too slow to effectively assemble the elements of a post, there are no further funds with which to charge the device using her van’s engine.

And of course we know that in this land of the free the poet is not actually free at all to leave her van in safety to find and make use of alternative energy sources.

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We’ll Pass

(What’s she imagine that 4,000 pages of her heart’s blood in flawless rhyme and meter’s worth ~ along with the lifetime’s researches which went into their message ~ anyway?

A stove and a bathtub? No.

How ’bout one hour of one day in which she’s not made the recipient of some idiot’s hatred?



We’ll Pass

We want a different poet
Give this one a pass
Darling, don’t you know it
She hasn’t kissed enough ass

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Haiku: present moment awareness 

(Having apprenticed in early adulthood with internationally awarded Haiku poet Ty Hadman, read invitationally with the six-man Haiku Society of America team at a National Poetry Convention, and subsequently being awarded lifetime charter membership in that organization by personal request of its president under her nom de plume of the day, this poet is qualified to find herself a trifle amused by the inflamed self-importance of those who claim that a strict syllable count is necessary in order for an English language Haiku to qualify as legitimate.

In fact, the Japanese word unit bears no relationship to our English syllable. The point is entirely moot.

If Haiku worldwide were judged by this spurious standard, some of the very most famous of them would be eliminated.)


present moment awareness 

decreasingly it is necessary
to know the weather
before the weather happens


This poet is physically disabled. Public housing being insufficient to her medical and creative needs, she is presently livingin order to continue workingin her minivan, publishing all of her works using one thumb on the touch screen of her smartphone, surviving at an income of a fraction of her nation’s poverty level. She would treasure any donation you might care to offer ~ ● #72D-31S