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Medical Mysteries


Medical Mysteries

In Sacrento, the poet waited nearly a year, in six week increments, to consult a medical professional.

Each time her appointment came near, she was told the provider would “not be available that day.”

In Humboldt County, while she was given treatment, she was also put into a small room with a large security guard, whom she audio recorded while he told her that she would not be allowed to review her own medical records.

She has no further interest in reviewing whatever redacted materials might now be made available to her request.

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Sonnet: The Joy of Youth

(Writ in response to Sir John Packington’s sonnet, “In Youth is Joy,” at the Novato, California Renaissance Faire)


The Joy of Youth

In youth is joy, but age doth wrong redress,
For which youth hath its every joy to thank —
On age’s face doth nature lines impress
Harmon’ious lines! Youth’s visage is a blank

Wild youth doth all its energies abate
In prancing, stallion-like, about the field —
Its elder is content to rest and wait
And see what bounties patience’ fruits will yield

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Righteous Injustice

(Throughout her lengthening life, this poet has been continually impressed by two things: How hard the men and women of our justice systems try to implement them fairly. And how very far we still have to go before we reach that goal.

It is each one of us ~ in our daily lives ~ practicing many small justices which will bring our nation to a state of awareness in which its departments of the name are able better to accomplish this communal mission)


Recorded Reading (1:37):


Righteous Injustice

A situation begs analysis
There seem to be several points of view
We beg a moment’s contemplation for
Establishment of what be false, what true

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Quotation: Happiness for a Lifetime ~ Chinese Proverb

(With thanks to WP’s own “theenlightenedmind”)


“If you want happiness for an hour, take a nap. If you want happiness for a day, go fishing. If you want happiness for a year, inherit a fortune. If you want happiness for a lifetime, help someone else.”

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Quotation: Special and Sacred ~ Mai


“If I had a wish, I would want nothing fancy, just a normal day when all of us could be together… A day when we could just cook, eat, talk and laugh. I wondered how many people around the world were having such a normal day and didn’t know how special and sacred it was.”

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