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Climbing Mount Fuji

(In response to Issa’s famous haiku by the same title:

O snail
Climb Mount Fuji
But slowly, slowly!)


Climbing Mount Fuji

O Master
How slowly
Slowly must I go?…


Among us, poets are ill paid. In order to continue her work, this one currently lives in her minivan, on an income of a fraction of our nation’s poverty level. If her work has moved, enabled or uplifted you, your contribution to this effort may be made at:



Published by Ana Daksina

Read worldwide one million times, Ana Daksina is a Troubador of the coming age.

4 thoughts on “Climbing Mount Fuji

    1. Bang! Spot on!

      I’ve met this snail at the top, finally, now that you mention it, and he was looking very depressed.

      Talking ’bout financing the whole new sewerage/electrical/road infrastructure from its last stopping place, BEFORE that permit would even be considered (no camping on “his own” land, either, uh-uh)… 🙄😆😱🤣


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