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Grown Worthy


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Grown Worthy

If the problem’s lethargy
A little extra work’ll fix it,
If it’s social awkwardness
Just need to, in a mixer, mix it,
If logical loggerheads
Cooperative thought will nix it

A little time is all that’s needed
If the problem’s too much youth
(Every one has had that trouble
If we tell the honest truth),
Is it fatigue has laid us a low?
Then we perforce must rest, forsooth!

One kind of problem most resists
Resolving harmony
The cure we find for its tough kind
The finest of all cures must be
Or it will, endless, rear its head —
The Hydra, Jealousy

This poet casts within her mind
To find, somewise, some sure,
For this resistant virus,
Equally resistant cure —
Until she finds it, she can only keep
Her motivations clear and pure

Desiring all involved to find
A genuinely happy way
In introspective solitude
As well as in communal play
Authentically jolly —
Not trying anything to say,

Or show, or tell, or demonstrate,
Manipulate or do,
To underhandedly chastise
Or backhandedly woo,
Or any other thing than bring
True enjoyment friends unto —

The poet sees once more
It’s from each other we must win
A hand up, sometimes, out of our
Confusion, fear and sin —
It’s nice to see benefit from
That effort, when it does begin

For when we all appreciated
For our contributions feel,
The benefits of jealousy
Show but hollow appeal —
We have something more nourishing
Something more lasting, something real

Something such an awesome weight
Of wonderfulness bring
That wonder rains like pixie dust
All over everything
And all of dimness disappears
Beneath that blanket, sparkling

Fixed within the center
Of that incandescent beam
Cooperative wonder
Flowing in a stream,
When we know we’ve grown worthy
Of our own good self-esteem


Among us, poets are ill paid. In order to continue her work, this one currently lives in her minivan, on an income of a fraction of our nation’s poverty level. If her work has moved, enabled or uplifted you, your contribution to this effort may be made at:



Published by Ana Daksina

Read worldwide one million times, Ana Daksina is a Troubador of the coming age.

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