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You Just Know

(The learning curve in this arena moves from sensitivity to empathy, from empathy to intuition, and from intuition to seeing clearly, rather than “through a glass darkly.”

It is much less a process of taking on wisdom than of offloading the obfuscating impurities of self-interest)


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You Just Know

This question do I hear you ask:

“How is it that we may know
As intuitionally grow
It is progressing forward we
Increase in sensitivity
Instead of in increasing error go?”

You just know:

Though a person not complain
Hunching stance must mean some pain
Obvious to the loving eye
No need to hesitate, nor try
Analysis’ contortions gain

You just know.

Freed from ego, look at it
Clearly for a little bit
Of time — but a moment needed so
A face’s history to know
From lines sorrowfully drawn into it

You just know.

An upright carr’iage, prancing foot
Testimony, although mute,
As clear as any crystal bell
That foot’s owner’s feeling well
Their world for that moment just and good

You just know.

But requires that you can see
Another with the clarity
From leaving yourself well away behind:
It’s self-concern which makes us blind
Removed, perceive so easily

We just know.

Undestracted worry by
No need to scurry, need to try
Judging others ever please
Mentally upon our knees
To every shallow passerby

People glow!

With exactly what they are
Bringers of peace, bringers of war
Shifty-eyed or gaze clear held
Easily and clearly felt
Near now all which before had seemed afar

Certain so…

And still we must go carefully
The truth of any moment see
Continuing to follow through
Put observation’s test unto
To worthiness, responsibility

So we go —

Ask some questions in concern
True facts of that matter learn
And by doing so confirm
Our convictions thus made firm
And truly solid basis earn

Now we know.

Surprised again to find how sure
Our instinct is once we be pure
Have got ourselves out of the way
Hear others’ silent language say
And, in what we hear confident, secure

You just know.


Among us, poets are ill paid. In order to continue her work, this one currently lives in her minivan, on an income of a fraction of our nation’s poverty level. If her work has moved, enabled or uplifted you, your contribution to this effort may be made at:



Published by Ana Daksina

Read worldwide half a million times, Ana Daksina is a Troubador of the coming age.

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