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Call and Response: Disaster and Nourishment

(Thanks to Alec Fraher of WP’s Middle of the Heart for his comment)


Call and Response: Disaster and Nourishment

Call by Alec Fraher:

last night in a dream, I, was being chased and ran, heart beating fast and panicking out of breath until, I, stopped and turned to see, ‘it” the thing chasing me, ‘it’ was a sandwich which, I, duly ate and ‘it’ is now ‘in’ me…. for reasons as many as there be, surely the sandwich, as deceit be, with no beginning and no end, it’s nourishment was meant to be sent…. another impromptu reaction, dear poet… I, am genuinely staggered by the volume of your thought and always well fed by you, thank you…

Response by Ana Daksina:

I have indeed inquired as to what it is about my own thought patterns which created the current situation with this targeter and everyone he manages to reach and teach, every day and night.

My spiritual sources advised me to be more initially defensive with human beings in future.

The sources were also quick to point out that, in past, I was not in a position to exercise such defense ~ in this case, I accepted the use of a spare room from what I thought was an old friend, that’s all. As a homeless and unsheltered person it is a reasonable choice, though one which a sheltered person might hesitate to make.

With regard to the nourishment of this “sandwich,” they did observe that, had I been in a position to exercise reasonable defense earlier, I would be the possessor now of a mere fraction of the wisdoms I bring to this, my current assignment.

They held out hope ~ somehow ~ for happier days ahead.

I’m going to put this thoughtful comment exchange into a post for the readers. Thank you for your reach-out!


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5 thoughts on “Call and Response: Disaster and Nourishment

    1. I’m ready to be more defensive ~ what a shame, though, to cave in and become like these sad, sorry, dried up souls around me. It’s getting from here to anywhere I can defend myself that’s the challenge. It’s finding anywhere these online networks don’t reach. It’s a LITTLE FUCKING JUSTICE AROUND THIS TOWN.

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