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Potential Epitaph πŸ˜…


Potential Epitaph

If the poet has ~ in the end ~ a tombstone, she considers this to be a most appropriate choice of its wording:

“I Can Explain.”


Among us, poets are ill paid. In order to continue her work, this one currently lives in her minivan, on an income of a fraction of our nation’s poverty level. If her work has moved, enabled or uplifted you, your contribution to this effort may be made at:Β



Published by Ana Daksina

Read worldwide half a million times, Ana Daksina is a Troubador of the coming age.

12 thoughts on “Potential Epitaph πŸ˜…

    1. Okay, that’s a good one too!… Are you familiar with Ben Franklin’s self-written epitaph? (It was misplaced and rediscovered after his death):

      “The Body of B. Franklin, Printer; like the Cover of an old Book, Its Contents torn out, And stript of its Lettering and Gilding, Lies here, Food for Worms. But the Work shall not be wholly lost; For it will, as he believ’d, appear once more, In a new & more perfect Edition, Corrected and amended By the Author.”

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