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Q & A With the Poet’s Angelic Advisors


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Q & A With the Poet’s Angelic Advisors

Q: What did I do to create the stalker/targeter situation I’m in right now?

A: You showed up on this third dimension of earth to help liberate it from its current state of self destructive darkness. From the moment of your arrival you attracted attention. You cannot expect it to be otherwise.

Q: What am I doing to perpetuate this situation?

A: Again, nothing ~ all of your efforts have gone into neutralizing potential harm to this city, its inhabitants and yourself.

From our point of view, you are confronting a planet sized energy, which cannot be expected to be dispatched lightly. We will also say that you are further down the trail to that neutralization and dispatch than may presently be apparent to you.

Also we observe that, in your additional role as poetic archivist of this dying era of darkness, you are creating a pricelessly clear and cogent record of behaviors which soon will be seen as they are ~ as making no sense whatsoever for anyone involved, least of all the perpetrators themselves ~ becoming quaint, obsolete bits of humanity’s history.

And we observe that, among a population which presently still exists in such a state of barbarity as to routinely consider rape, murder, terrorism, torture, destruction, violence and mayhem to be nothing other than a fine evening’s entertainment, it has been necessary to roughen up the smooth edge of your poetic vision with these feelings of impotent ongoing rage even to engage effectively with the prevailing consciousness ~ rather like serrating a blade which otherwise might bury itself to the very hilt undetected by its receivers, stiletto-style.

Q: What can I do to help this situation come to a end?

A: When moved to express your experiences, do so authentically. Maintain your dignity in the face of the absolute childishness being displayed by both your targeters and their recruits. Keep up the good work online. And wait in as much serenity as you can muster ~ the time of your liberation back to the world of sunlit normalcy is coming soon.


Among us, poets are ill paid. In order to continue her work, this one currently lives in her minivan, on an income of a fraction of our nation’s poverty level. If her work has moved, enabled or uplifted you, your contribution to this effort may be made at:


Published by Ana Daksina

Read worldwide one million times, Ana Daksina is a Troubador of the coming age.

21 thoughts on “Q & A With the Poet’s Angelic Advisors

  1. Light Work is or can be heavy going, no? Mother Mary, I find, offers good counsel, as you say. As will Quan Yin, Green Tara, Ísis, Hathor, White Buffalo Women, Mary Magdalena, and the Dragon Seraphim. I tune in to Kaia Ra for my top ups, I do Iike the Sophia Code.

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      1. I have pinged Kaia too, apols if you’d rather I not. Being 4000 miles away and on reading of the persistent shite you face I thought that at least you would be in touch with other earth angels some of who might be nearer. 🐢

        Liked by 1 person

      2. It’s appreciated… I did visit her site, but found no way to enter the network without contracting for some sort of initiation. If you’re in touch and she’s interested, and there’s a more efficient way of connecting, please do ask her to reach out. And thank you again for your own wonderful energy! 🙏🌹

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      3. it’s a genuine pleasure, really is… I’ll also ping another women warrior, called Melissa, I think she’s still in the US… I just stumble about and happened to connect with both… I like Kaia’s work The Sophia Code because it is an accessible and super smart articulation of ancient wisdoms. It does have a commercial aspect too ie it’s a business, but unapologetically so. It’s really for women by women so I silently, well mostly silently, follow and learn.

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      4. I really appreciate your connections. 🙏

        Also I’m fond of saying that, while we do need individuals instinctively drawn to preserve the purity of our various spiritual feed-in traditions, we also need those who access many of them, comparing and contrasting their various strengths for all ~ so we agree on that!

        Since I do my work virtually for free, trying to get money from me for anything is the proverbial attempt to draw blood from a stone.

        To me, also, any effort which cannot discern, and therefore does not provide a backdoor network for, actual hardcore lightworkers (and, BTW, with the exception of the WP efforts I have yet to find even one of these) is missing ~ perhaps by milimeters, but missing ~ this evolutionary boat.


      5. I wish I understood why this hurts you. I hope you did receive my heartfelt appreciation for those lines you throw on behalf of deserving others ~ and I hope you don’t feel that honest feedback is anything less than the highest and most respectful sort of reachback.

        I hope you observe that at no point did I say these online offerings are worthless ~ they are far from that!

        You and I were sharing our life-generated perspectives on the subject of lightworker connection, that’s all ~ or, that’s all, I thought…

        I learned from an early teacher, Dr. Siri Gian Singh Khalsa, who had a schedule of fees but also opened the doors to all his events by donation for the earth tribe, artists and future sadhus!

        He was also known frequently to take in the truly wounded, very deserving under his wing round the clock for as long as forty-eight hours without any thought of remuneration ~ I owe more than one patching-up to him after exceptionally demanding assignments.

        He was a real Sikh, and Sikhs all over the world really practice what they preach ~ what a lot of suffering those people have alleviated, altogether!

        Anyway, thank you again for your care, concern, poetic commentary, encouragement, lines thrown between people, tea and sympathy, okay, brother?


      6. and biscuits lol… it hurts because getting helping wrong can be worse than crossing the street to avoid stuff… thank you for your reply though, again the depth of your experience is very much appreciated here too…. btw this is what I said about you,’this light worker burns so bright others try to extinguish her flame, throw her a line’…. it would be inaccurate to say that I am shy because I aren’t, nonetheless, growing an open-hearted adequacy takes a bit more courage than I thought…

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      7. yep, I know so… sew, I threw your line, of threaded thought in kindness be, to a friend of mine, we’ve never met or anything, like for coffee or something, but I suspect he’d be appreciative of your verse too, he is Bojan Radej, an author of stuff on complexity but mainly a good guy…

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  2. I have pinged Kaia too, apols if you’d rather I not. Being 4000 miles away and on reading of the persistent shite you face I thought that at least you would be in touch with other earth angels some of who might be nearer. 🐢

    Liked by 1 person

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