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Beeswax, Baby!


Beeswax, Baby!

The poet has just discovered that her tiny beeswax heater/food warmers are even cooler than she had thought!

She already knew that they burned more safely than does paraffin ~ which, whenever present in a melted pool, is a terrific fire hazard ~ and that it emits many fewer harmful fumes as well, which, in a tiny space in which one is limiting ventilation for the preservation of warmth, can be a very significant factor.

What she didn’t know is that beeswax burns nearly three times hotter than does paraffin ~ warming both food and air much more efficiently.

She didn’t know that the production of beeswax has a much lower carbon footprint than that of paraffin either, though she might have figured that one out.

She wouldn’t have been able to ‘just figure out,’ though, that the light of a beeswax-fed flame mimics closely the composition of sunlight, which has a calming and uplifting effect upon the human organism…

But the fact which it surprised her most to learn today is that, when burned, beeswax actually emits negative ions.

It’s a natural mood enhancer!

The poet, being in a cooler clime, will be making much more use of her tiny ceramic warmers this winter than last. They have truly astonished her with how well they’ve come to work for her as she’s learned how best to use and adjust them.

How lovely to find out that they’re working even better than she had supposed!


This poet is physically disabled. Public housing being insufficient to her medical and creative needs, she is presently living, in order to continue working, in her minivan, publishing all of her works using one thumb on the touch screen of her smartphone at an income of a fraction of her nation’s poverty level. She would treasure any donation you might care to offer ● #72D-31S



Published by Ana Daksina

Read worldwide one million times, Ana Daksina is a Troubador of the coming age.

12 thoughts on “Beeswax, Baby!

      1. I had no idea these already existed ~ I “invented” mine… They’re truly tiny. I’m wondering whether there’s a slightly larger version I can use when the weather gets really outrageous. Where did you get yours? Can I look them up?


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