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Foreword and Sonnet: Grow Light


(There are those who write that Earth is not the only planet in our solar system heating up.

There are those who write that Mars appears more yellow than red to us now due to increased dust storms; that Jupiter’s spot and Saturn’s rings are going through changes of their own; that our own Sun, which was universally depicted as yellow when we were children, now seems to us much more white.

There are those who write that our solar system has recently entered a new quadrant of space; that it is more in line to receive rays from the Galactic Central Sun.

There are those who write that these rising levels of photonic light (programmable with information — our Worldwide Web runs on it) will “grow” human consciousness, in just the same way that we have found specialized light which helps our plants to grow.

There are those who write that we are going, at long last, back to the Garden. On Earth as in Heaven. As we’ve been Promised.

So far as those writers are concerned:

We are right on schedule.

They predicted the great solar flash of October 2022 (our scientists are still trying to figure that one out).

They now predict worldwide economic and ecological collapse, concurrent with a universal, COVID-related lockdown.

It is then, they write, that we will at last have become sufficiently humble to receive the outreaches of our galactic friends without trying to shoot them out of the sky.

They know how to clean up this planet. They know how to run things right.

All we’ll have to do is listen.

And help.

Time will tell.)


Recorded Reading:


Grow Light

Grow, Light! Illuminate to see, for all,
The rising splendor of Tomorrow’s dawn —
Not since the primal and primeval Fall
Have we had such a Day to start upon!

Grow, Light! And in your penetrating glow
Give us the power to vigorously
And, finally, successfully, now grow
To manifest risen humanity

Grow, Light! Until our dim eyes colors see
Which, though we have not witnessed them before,
Now make of our world such a beauty be
As moves us to the center of each core

O grow, ye predawn Light, O greatly grow,
That we human potential come to know!


This poet is physically disabled. Public housing being insufficient to her medical and creative needs, she is presently livingin order to continue workingin her minivan, publishing all of her works using one thumb on the touch screen of her smartphone at an income of a fraction of her nation’s poverty level. She would treasure any donation you might care to offer ~ ● #72D-31S



Published by Ana Daksina

Read worldwide one million times, Ana Daksina is a Troubador of the coming age.

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