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Any Place Which is Good to Her.


Recorded Reading:


Any Place Which is Good to Her.


Any place which even puts up with her.

Both of the across-the-street neighbors of this parking space ~ one with litter flapping in its tree, one with electrical engine problems.

Anybody behind her here ~ all that pointless percussion this morning.

Any haven ~ even the most fleeting, commercial, peripheral, involuntary (the poet parks on public land and, so long as she moves her van within mandated timelines, she is legally present).

If they were kind, they’ll be sorry.


They’ll feel bad when they think about the poet.

Chalk another thousand heartbreaks for her up to her targeter…

It’s clear that she herself, as an impoverished and disabled, though truly hardworking and heart working, citizen, is not worth defense in the eyes of American law.

Harder to believe is that neither does it consider worth defense the thousands of pages of flawless poetry she has paid such a price in sensitivity and hardship to offer to all for their enablement.

But hardest of all to believe is that it will not or cannot defend its roadways, its electrical infrastructure, its property owning citizens against this growing threat.

To make use of all this information she makes available, someone might actually have to admit that this poet offered good advise.

Good contact. From the street. Meaning well for everybody.

Not removed from any real event by entitled isolation, self righteous and intolerant.

Not bought, either ~ from those coerced, snitching, despised even by those to whom they give their information, secretly and sneakily and tainted by a thousand terrors and self-interests.

No. Actual truth. Told right out in front of everybody by someone who clearly thinks much less of her own good than of serving the greater good ~ and who demonstrates that right in front of everyone’s eyes and ears and police cameras, all day, every day.

We don’t have a place to file that.


This poet is physically disabled. Public housing being insufficient to her medical and creative needs, she is presently livingin order to continue workingin her minivan, publishing all of her works using one thumb on the touch screen of her smartphone at an income of a fraction of her nation’s poverty level. She would treasure any donation you might care to offer ~ ● #72D-31S



Published by Ana Daksina

Read worldwide one million times, Ana Daksina is a Troubador of the coming age.

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