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Dark is Preparing to Fall


Dark is Preparing to Fall

The symphony of squeeks and moans is already tuning up.

The law clearly doesn’t want my help finding this perpetrator ~ so I won’t take the trouble.

I’m sure a peaceful night’s sleep will be allowed to those who will not defend mine.

So it is.

So be it then.



Published by Ana Daksina

Read worldwide one million times, Ana Daksina is a Troubador of the coming age.

14 thoughts on “Dark is Preparing to Fall

      1. I am poised on the edge, which slowly wears out from under me as edges do, of course, if one stands on them for too long. He is right here, running delighted experiments on my mood, keeping me from publishing or singing or reaching out to anyone, waiting for me to say it is one way so he can make it another.

        Only day long meditation, every day, keeps me sane. That and the warmth of your nearness, dear heart. We are such sister spirits, and I am so grateful for you.

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      2. I truly do. And, think of its perfection, Louisa ~ your body far away enough not to be harmed by him for our friendship, yet your soul so close that it actually warms me up on the chilliest nights. Even in my isolation I have one bosom friend ~ and it’s the one I’d choose, if I could, anyway!

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  1. L’oscurità si sta preparando a scendere
    L’oscurità si sta preparando a scendere.
    La sinfonia di squittii e gemiti si sta già accordando.

    La legge chiaramente non vuole il mio aiuto per trovare il responsabile, quindi non mi prendo il disturbo.

    Sono sicura che una serena notte di sonno sarà concessa a coloro che non difenderanno il mio.

    Così è.

    Così sia allora.
    As you can see, I have translated your verses into Italian, and I find them extremely significant for the anguish they reveal. Translated in this way, I will publish them in my Sunday February 26 column Gioielli Rubati indicating your name and your blog, greetings from Italy

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