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(No protection for me? My equation is to be made fun of every time I move or breathe until I die? Never to have a single peaceful night’s sleep?

Okay ~ let’s stop trying to work with this system, and start telling it like it really is, shall we?

Remember all those patriotic poems and paens I’ve published? You probably won’t even remember I wanted to get back to those, will you, America of the free speech?

But you’ll damn sure bring these up when you want to type me as undesirable, won’t you?

That’s not what you really wanted from me.

This is what you want?)


Recorded Reading:



We’re a progressive
Civilized nation

We would never
Make military or medical
On our own citizens

… Oh, yeah
Guess we did

But that was fifty years ago

We would never
Do it again…

We abandoned
Our space program

… Well,
All except for that
Li’l ol’ Dark Fleet
Practically nothing
Nothing at all…

And of course we’d never
Commit our people to war
Without asking them first

… Um,
Except when…


This poet is physically disabled. Public housing being insufficient to her medical and creative needs, she is presently livingin order to continue workingin her minivan, publishing all of her works using one thumb on the touch screen of her smartphone at an income of a fraction of her nation’s poverty level. She would treasure any donation you might care to offer ~ ● #72D-31S



Published by Ana Daksina

Read worldwide one million times, Ana Daksina is a Troubador of the coming age.

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