Who Is Practicing Domestic Terrorism Across the Street From the Police Station in Fort Bragg?


Recorded Offering: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ysgmgl25l1ikb7v/domestic%20terrorism%20in%20fort%20bragg.wav?dl=0


Who Is Practicing Domestic Terrorism Across the Street From the Police Station in Fort Bragg?

His name is Sean Powers.

Most of the graffiti in Arcata, California is in his highly identifiable style of “artwork.”

He is also a litterer, trespasser, destroyer of property, thief and arsonist.

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Popcorn Bowl

(With respect to happy sports fans everywhere in our great nation this weekend ~ the following statistics do seem to indicate the need to regain some sense of real-life proportion with regard to them)


Recorded Poem: https://www.dropbox.com/s/brroiiqosc8inu2/popcorn%20bowl.wav?dl=0


Popcorn Bowl

On each Superbowl Sunday
In the United States
Two teams of eleven men
Get in each others’ face:
A number of int’resting things
That day also take place

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The Importance of the Fine Arts


Recorded Selection: https://www.dropbox.com/s/i7u8u6y4wirw0g1/the%20importance%20of%20the%20fine%20arts.wav?dl=0


The Importance of the Fine Arts

In the middle of a bombing raid on London, with all hell shaking loose around them, Winston Churchill turned to an aid and requested that he take a note.

“Tomorrow morning we will begin work,” he ordered, “on the establishment of an Arts Council.”

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he banged his head against the wall


Recorded Poem: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gt72r5sgk7wc3qg/he%20banged%20his%20head%20against%20the%20wall.wav?dl=0


he banged his head against the wall

over and over
he said
sorry sorry sorry sorry

(he couldn’t clear
a place to sit
in his traumatized home)

and then
he stopped

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Sonnet: Grow Light


(There are those who write that Earth is not the only planet in our solar system heating up.

There are those who write that Mars appears more yellow than red to us now due to increased dust storms; that Jupiter’s spot and Saturn’s rings are going through changes of their own; that our own Sun, which was universally depicted as yellow when we were children, now seems to us much more white.

There are those who write that our solar system has recently entered a new quadrant of space; that it is more in line to receive rays from the Galactic Central Sun.

There are those who write that these rising levels of photonic light (programmable with information — our Worldwide Web runs on it) will “grow” human consciousness, in just the same way that we have found specialized light which helps our plants to grow.

There are those who write that we are going, at long last, back to the Garden.

Time will tell.)


Recorded Work: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hbrg6cgdmnjdnoh/grow%20light.wav?dl=0


Grow Light

Grow, Light! Illuminate to see, for all,
The rising splendor of Tomorrow’s dawn —
Not since the primal and primeval Fall
Have we had such a Day to start upon!

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Bedbugs and Nazis

(Let’s hope that the poet, working from her roadside seashell, eventually finds as much to be thankful for in the unavoidable background traffic noise as these ladies did their hellish infestation)


Recorded Poem: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ammgsc2dimgxezm/Bedbugs%20and%20Nazis.wav?dl=0


Bedbugs and Nazis

Among the great disasters of our age
Perpetrated one another on
No grimmer, more representative page
Atrocities of man heap man upon

Than that we call “The Holocaust” ~ though more
Such ‘cleansings’ in this world are carried out
(People unobserving can keep no score
Of that which they have never heard about)

It ~ like all other situations of
Its ilk ~ produced its isolated tales
Which tell of the ascendency of love
O’er which no threat successfully prevails

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