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Tail of the Bear

(Another true tale, this one from the poet’s forties)


Recorded Reading (12:14):


Tail of the Bear

In midst of one of those series of sudden changes by which our personal worlds are cracked open to new possibilities, I found myself in deep consultation with my spirit guides late one night in the woods outside of Leadville, Colorado ~ asking what actions I should take to maintain right relationship with the couple with whom I’d driven cross country from Oregon, and been, for the past few weeks, sharing a camp.

“Time to leave,” Spirit said, “unless you want to start undoing all the good work you’ve done with and for these two people. To be on cosmic time, you’ll need to be on the road at dawn tomorrow.”

“Dawn tomorrow?” I asked in dismay. “If I do have to go back out into the wide world all on my lonesome, can’t it wait just a day? There’s money owed to me coming into camp tomorrow ~ I wouldn’t have to leave penniless…”

“Dawn tomorrow,” came the implacable reply.

So dawn found me on the road.

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How the Dishes Got Done


Recorded Reading (9:19):


How the Dishes Got Done

These days, we have every kind of “New Age community” on offer to us, from cohousing to slave — ‘scuze me — learning farms and eco villages.

The poet has, in the last few years, researched a large number of these, some of which she then took the trouble to contact individually to get a feel for their general flavor, and to ask a few questions with an eye to anything among them resembling a category of quality in the Arts.

Or the Arts at all, fine or not.

Or old people. 

Or young people.

Or people with both special gifts and handicaps…

Which ———— passssssssst —————- turns out to be every one of us…

… Well, let’s just say that  if I’d actually discovered anything remotely workable I’d be there, right? 


We’ve got to do a lot better than this, folks.

And the thing is — it’s not only possible, the poet herself has seen it done. Been part of it herself.

On more than one occasion.

(You can read or hear more about one of them by going to the search bar on this site and typing in “Flour Power.” This post is an account of another.)

We don’t have to invent the wheel, here, folks.

All we have to do is…

…remember it.

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“Those Homeless People”

(Think about it now.)


Recorded Reading (0:48):


“Those Homeless People”

When it’s your bank that fails
Your company which downsizes
Your door with the three day notice on it
Your vehicle which doesn’t hold
Everything you ever want to own again 

You being looked at
They way you’re looking at “them” now

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chanting the mantra

(A mantra is a short prayer or affirmation repeated many times. This poet chants them inwardly while involved in driving, cleaning, or any other repetitive task)


Recorded Reading (1:30):


chanting the mantra

what a pile of
dishes, all
needing to be wiped!

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Call and Response: World Domination 😆

(With humorous thanks to these good members of our WordPress community:

“Pointless Overthinking,” who asked the original question, and “abirdwithoutwings,” who provided stimulus for (as well as by far the funniest half of) the following exchange of comments.

(There’s not enough juice in the poet’s device this morning to read this offering for you out loud ~ consider yourselves off the hook!)


Call and Response: World Domination

Call — Original Question by Pointless Overthinking:

“What would you like to do, but you’re too afraid to start?”

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Original Song: Cry at the Sound of Your Name

(Long-time readers know this drill: one take, one track, voice app, streetside ~ good luck with all that!)


Cry at the Sound of Your Name

“I’d tell all my friends not to ask me about you
 ‘Cause I’d cry at the sound of your name…”


This poet is physically disabled. Public housing being insufficient to her medical and creative needs, she is presently livingin order to continue workingin her minivan, publishing all of her works using one thumb on the touch screen of her smartphone, surviving at an income of a fraction of her nation’s poverty level. She would treasure any donation you might care to offer ~ ● #72D-31S


3D and 5D ~ Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel

(Mystics have been telling us for thousands of years that many dimensions coexist in what we know as space. Our quantum sciences now know this to be true)


3D and 5D ~ Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel


Jeese, willya look at this?
Some people have all the nerve.
Right ‘n’a middla the pathway
Like some ign’rant jamoke
Hey — move it, asshole, willya?
Yeah. That’s right. You better.

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