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Song of the Ordinary

“There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” ~ Albert Einstein


Recorded Reading (3:22):


Song of the Ordinary

Often we write in dire discomfort’s throes,
Despairing any resolution of
The day’s disasters ~ or, again, midst those
Nights sleepless spent of unrequited love

Less often, but more precious, writers will,
Though self may be replete, take up the pen
The woes of others, others to, repeat
That these embrace humility again

Then, poets have been known to celebrate
Moments, perhaps more frequent known to come
To such, whose hearts may be described as great,
Celestial realms dispensation from,

Than to the av’rage, who may only know
Once or twice such, a span of life within:
With ecstacy the heart expanded grow
Find unexpected tears the eyes within

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Hatred is Hatred is Hatred

(Probably the average person does not yet hear, first thing on awakening every morning ~ as does this poet every day ~ sounds of hatred before any other. Probably the last sound they hear each night is not yet a sound of hatred. Probably they are not yet dealing with poisons being released into their air supplies at night, as they are released into hers.

But hatred is on the rise among us ~ and every statement of intolerance for one another which we ourselves voice brings the day closer when it feels free to rule unfettered and completely.)


Recorded Reading (1:25):


Hatred is Hatred is Hatred

Hatred is hatred is hatred
Be it large or be it small
No one can call themselves completely human
If they dabble in it at all

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Companion in Arms

(Thanks for this evening’s image to WP’s own SUNNYSIDE ~ Where Truth and Beauty Meet)


Recorded Reading: (8:32):


Companion in Arms

Someone saw her stellar rise
Someone saw her tragic fall
He became both sad and wise
As he watched it all

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To the Muse, Of a Peaceful Evening 😆

(Poets tend to have the same reactions as anyone else does when receiving a tap from the boss to work that extra shift in the wee hours…)


Recorded Reading (2:04):


To the Muse, Of a Peaceful Evening

Well, here she is! We had not thought
Tonight to see you, dear:
We’ve heard no recent rumors of
The sort of vile intensity
You seem to absolutely love
And, seeming sad, irrev’cably
Ever in midst embroil us of…

Hath there been aught we haven’t heard?
The rumor mill grinding so slow
That we your presence see before
Its reason come to know?

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The Making of America

(Our nation was born in activism)


Recorded Reading (1:14):


The Making of America

“Hippie ne’er-do-wells,” they said
“Dangerous reactionaries”
“Radicals,” “Unrealistic”
“Buncha stupid pinko fairies”

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For the Dour

(In the background of this recording may be heard a “bird” which commenced calling each time the poet began recording, ceasing again each time she did. Passersby will too-frequently notice a plethora of electronically sampled “birdsong” around the van.

This same “bird” is doubtless responsible for the plastic bag caught on the lawn shrubbery of the neighbor immediately across from her parking space today ~ and the one likewise caught in a tree just ahead of it on that same side of the street.

His activities have already cost the City of Pueblo thousands of dollars in infrastructure damage. Nationwide, the total is in the millions. The poet is in a position to know, as they are very often conducted when and where she must either look at them or list n to the sound of emergency vehicles nearby.

These acts of public vandalism, along with the over one hundred dead animals he has left for her in the 10,000 miles she has traveled trying to get away from him ~ one, a black cat, left within the last three months on the sidewalk outside the old courthouse right here in Pueblo ~ and a dozen varying harassment techniques ~ are designed to keep her perpetually terrified.

In a tachycardia patient, such as she is known to him to be, they are designed to threaten life.)


Recorded Reading (1:54):


For the Dour

For those envisioning the New Age
Full of pious and
Unhumorous examples
Of ascended fellowman

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